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The role of stem cells in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

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The publication The role of stem cells in modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology was prepared by dr Claudia Musiał..The monograph presents the current state of knowledge in the field of use of stem cell.It contains information among others about: the biology of stem cells and their use in medicine, cosmetology, trichology, aesthetic medicine, stem cells of animal origin in aesthetic treatments, growth factors, exosomes, as well as the impact of diet on stem cells.The whole thing is complemented by an ending that highlights the extraordinary regenerative abilities and therapeutic potential of stem cells.Clinical trials currently being conducted in this area are also listed.The issue of stem cells in cosmetology and trichology was presented from the point of view of a scientist and a practitioner. A comprehensive approach to the topic and tips make the publication addressed to both students and professionals who use or would like to use stem cells in their treatments, or obtain knowledge about the biology of skin stem cells and hair follicles.

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    Musiał Claudia

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